Wednesday, May 27, 2009

slim pickings today

it's adwoa: not much kicking around craigslist today, but this is what i got. (no pictures; i'm working on a design project right now for the lab, and my screen is a madhouse):

cute and GREAT price!
2 Vintage DANISH modern style CHAIR - $20 (Norwell)

same here; i love this dresser. if i was in the market for a tall one i'd be all over it. too bad there's no matching credenza (hint hint universe)
Danish Modern Dresser - 7 Drawers - $30 (Arlington Center)

too bad this seller has been posting this (undistinguished, nondescript) bookcase with the note "email today, as it is sure to sell fast" - since last november! extra points for being a craigslist legacy. one day when i have home internet again, i should do a roundup of all those posts that just refuse to die.
Teak Bookcase - - Beautiful !!! - $225 (Arlington)

these really are gorgeous, especially the first two
3 Beautiful Thai Hand-Carved Artifacts - $40 (Westford, MA)

that coffee table is HOT
Moving Out- Bedroom & Living Room Furniture Available- bed, table, etc - $10 (Brookline, MA)

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