Wednesday, May 27, 2009


sometimes...i cant wait for stuff to show up on CL. Or, I want something in pristine condition and I dont feel like hunting it down, hunting is tiring. Reside is a neat shop with furniture and accessories that makes me want to drop it like its hot (my credit card that is). I discovered Reside a few years ago while searching for a lucite vanity - they had the holy grail of lucite vanities on their web page. Alas...when I called to inquire about it, hot little card in hand I was denied. The vanity was sold and many dreams shattered. Why did Purple Rain just start playing on my ipod? ! Anyways, check out Reside. They are uber friendly and actually email/call you back.

Zweisel Martini glasses, set of 6. $38. I loveeeee these vintage glasses. I am rebuilding my collection after many unhappy breaks.

Danish Desk set

Overman Chair

Walnet Credenza

Danish Teak Credenza

Thayer Coggin Sofa...this would look so yummy with my Angela Adams rug...dreams, dreams...
266 Concord Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
PH: 617.547.2929 Email:
SUN & MON 12 PM - 6 PM
TUE - SAT 10 AM - 6PM
Note: They "are happy to accommodate after-hours viewings." Contact them and make it happen ;)
Also, check out the Reside Warehouse

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