Friday, May 22, 2009

moveout weekend guest post!

All right, kids! Adwoa here: Keyse's workplace has shut down her craigslist viewing pleasure just as the long moveout weekend gets started here in Boston! Me to the rescue (especially because my boss isn't in today, and I have otherwise just been watching Human League videos allllll day long).

I think I'm going to keep it mostly mid-century this time, because I was in over my head with the awesome selection and needed a theme to weed out the weak. So keep feeling fascination, get ready to browse with tabs, and I hope that everyone in Boston with good taste needs a dresser this weekend, because the supply right now may just overwhelm your demands!

This hutch is BALLER! I wrote to the seller last time and she will sell it separately for $300; that may have gone down since it didn't sell last go-round. Ask her!

Mid CenturyDanish Modern Dining room set - $750 (Andover)

Lovely lighting lumps: check it out

Unusual DANISH MODERN mid century walnut tension pole lamp NICE - $156 (Cambridge 911)

Peter from Beyond Gorgeosity is the stirrer of some serious CL controversy - plus, his prices are way too high. And I think long compound posts are bad manners. So I was going to dismiss this and move on, until I got caught up by the AMAZING lamp in the middle of it that would change my entryway's life for the better.

Vintage Mid-Century European Lighting (BEYOND GORGEOSITY)

All right. I would be a dirty, dirty liar if I said I wasn't planning to keep this to myself and not post it (I have been on the hunt for a credenza FOR LIKE EVER). But it may be too short for my space; just in case, be kind!

Credenza / Mid Century Credenza - $150 (Dunstable, MA)

Someone clearly has an excellent grasp of merchandising: I don't even NEED a medicine cabinet and I'm tempted by all that soothing stone

bathroom medicine cabinet- retro (Windham)

If you have a need for statuary (or, like the seller, simply enjoy cement porn - yikes)


I love these! Have you ever seen the ones in bright colors? They look exactly like citrus!

Vintage Kitchen Table & Chairs (4) Dinette Set - $50 (Stoughton, MA)

This dresser is like the little match girl... don't you just want to sidle up to it and whisper in its ear that you'll take it away from all this? (And by this, I mean that poo-tastic shade of brown. You know that Four Seasons song, Rag Doll? Such a pretty face should be dressed in lace - or bright blue!)

bureau / dresser - $20 (somerville)

Retro lamp - $50 (Stoneham)

Hello, Thonet: Mid-Century Thonet Eames style chairs - $160 (Hull)

And if you want to make a set:
2 Mid Century Chairs - Herman Miller LCW look-a-likes - $150

(four Thonet chairs for $300 is pretty fab - with each individual chair taken into account, it wouldn't even strain my $100 craigslist rule)

I need to make a school for people who try to sell their ugly shit on craigslist for inflated prices. At a certain point, there is no way these people leave the house on a regular basis if they don't have a grasp on how unfortunate all of this is.
Custom Modern 6pc. Living room Set - $399 (Taunton,Ma.02780)

I doubt it's Heywood Wakefield, but it IS cute!
Teak coffee table by Heywood Wakefield - $120 (Back bay)

This lamp is gorgeous, but as the truth comes out you would basically be paying 35 dollaz for an ornamental base
Beautiful Vintage Lamp - $35 (Bradford)

Milk glass hanging lamp!
Vintage Celing Hanging Light Fixture - $25 (Metro West)

Keyse may have posted this same thing before, but who DOESN'T need a spanish galleon? If they come down on price one more time, I may buy it myself.
1960's Vintage Spanish Galleon - $100 (Melrose)

Or, if a sailor's life is not for you, why not try a big-ass wall hanging of a slightly more delicate persuasion?
Decorative Wall Hanging Apple Blossom Dogwood - $200 (Millis)

Vintage Zenith Record Player Cabinet - $25 (Nahant)

Mirror - $20 (Malden)


Green Wicker Chair- pottery barn! - $20 (Somerville, Medford, Tufts)

Cute hutch, GREAT price
Moving Sale. Price of dresser/bookshelf reduced from $99 to - $69 (Malden, MA)

With a coat of paint and new fabric, this chair would sincerely sing
Wooden Chair with Red Seat - $64

Remember when Chop-Chop's prices had anything to do with reality? It's fading, but I do recall it in that distant long-ago...
White Dresser with 7 Drawers - $97

Super cute Martha Washington sewing table on the cheapy-cheap!
Martha Washington table. - $40 (Coventry)

Cute desk but too $$ (which, in my head, I read to myself as "too money")
DESK - 1950s Mid-Century Modern - $249 (East Arlington)

OKAY - HOME STRETCH. This is just dressers. Dresserrssss because I am on the hunt for a good credenza. It's been a long day of not-working and I'm dragging myself over the finish line:

Bedroom dresser and chest set - $80 (Jamaica Plain)

Dresser with Mirror - $75 (Central/Inman Square)

this or that

Wooden Dresser for Sale - $35 (Somerville- Tufts)

Basic Dresser - $40 (Wakefield)

lg. dresser with mirror - $75 (watertown)

Nice wood dresser - $125 (Porter square)

Bedroom (Everett)

Very nice dresser with a nightstand - $40 (Somerville)


Dresser/chest of drawers - $55 (Waltham, Ma)

Ikea, or not Ikea? Either way, I am kind of charmed
Wardrobe & Dresser (Brookline)

large green dresser - $60 (amesbury)

Dresser Mirror End Table BIG set - $40 (Danvers)

and that's all, folks. mannnnn i'm tired - props to keyse for doing this every day. (so tired, in fact, that i think we need to dispense with the proper capitalization: when left to my own devices i am all lowercase all the time.)

i am heading out to water my plot in the MIT community garden! let me know if there are any mistakes in the links and i'll update them. but i will also leave you with a disclaimer (by the band of the weekend, natch) in case i've erred:

The Human League - Human

i can't embed it because there's advertising in it, but just remember: i'm only human ;) enjoy your long weekend - check out those garage sales, and i hope you each make moveout weekend work for you!

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