Monday, May 18, 2009

Lux sale sites round up

Overwhelmed by the new amazing sites with uber designer deals? I feel so spoiled with internet shopping that sometimes I want to give sales people the finger when they look at me like my face is covered in poo and I am bothering them (I'm talking to you Saks shoe lady). But I'm a lady, and I don’t give people the finger. I smile at them broadly, speak sweetly, and thank them generously…I love rubbing off my good cheer and sunny disposition.

prices vary. great for clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry…the home stuff is a bit wack. Sales start at noon and expect the best (large size) items sold out within 15 minutes. For real. Gilt holds your shopping cart selections for a few minutes, there is a counter so you know when the items are no longer guaranteed (hear that Piperlime?!).

The Outnet
Big money, high end all the time –awesome.

Haven't purchased anything on here yet, they recently had some nice crystal glasses and knives on sale

I got some Kiehls stuff on here…shipping is taking a while.

much like the others, cute stuff abounds!

Daily Candy Deals
Laid back and only happens once a week, less pressure to scurry to your computer and make a decision in seconds.

e luxury
the name says it all – currently has a large Melissa shoe sale

editors' closet

for street/skate subcultures

It annoys me that you have to join/sign up to see the merch on these sites. Some of them require you to have an invite (remember when gmail did that? Marketing genius) But seriously…like they are going to turn people away. The illusion of limited and exclusive luxury goods is appealing…and illusion it is because these sites, along with filense basement, tj max, marshalls, century 21, and aj wright would not exist if the market wasn’t saturated with luxury sweetness.

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