Saturday, April 4, 2009

uber early sat gems

Eames Wire-base Tables - $120 (Beverly)

Vintage Patio Table & Matching Chairs - $250 (Chelmsford, Ma)

Vintage Danish Modern wood couch - new cushions! - $650 (Concord, NH)

Faux Bamboo tall cabinet - $250 (Concord)

Four Blue Retro Fuzzy Chairs - $175 (Leominster, MA)

really? hehehe...
Gossip Bench for Sale (but you ain't heard that from me...) - $60 (Allston)


adwoa said...

that gossip bench is, i think, from the same seller of the beer mirror and whatever that other thing was, the organization board. hilarious! now i just need the person to sell something i really need. (unfortunately my house is wayyyy too small for a gossip bench - i have to dispense my snark from the couch.)

p.s. i am getting that chair delivered today. that raises the number of things in my home that i found on your blog to either four or five (did i find the illest bookcase ever on my own, or was it here?) i need to start paying you a commission :)

Keyse said...

I should set up a paypal thingy on the sidebar for "donations" hehehe....omg, how shameless would that be?!

adwoa said...

too bad you can't get a tiny payment every time someone clicks one of your links to cl!

the chair just arrived and it is FABULOUS; i think i am going to upholster the seat in houndstooth :) i need to make a big master of all the fabrics i plan to use in the room and see if it works for me. exciting day!