Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Save the drama for your momma

What started out as an innocent CL coffee table post has turned intoan ugly battle over one sellers "integrity"

Seller highlites my blog in his post, sweet!
"Danish Mid-Century Modern Walnut Coffee & End Table - $300 (Cambridge)
Featured on blablablanist.com and crocodiletears-keyse.blogspot.com
Solid wood construction (very sturdy) appears to be walnut. $300. Matching end table is $150. "

and then...someone fought back against the injustice of...umm...ofsomeone supposedly getting something for free and then trying to makea profit off of it. Damn!

"RE: Danish Mid-Century Modern Walnut Coffee & End Table (Cambridge)Just to let all of you out there know...this guy got these tables for FREE off another craigslist posting just last week and is trying tomake an outrageous profit! I'm all for making a profit but let's notget carried away."

Outrage ensued across the land. Villages burned and vampires feastedon the blood of the young. Sigh...things got personal and downrightrude.

"RE RE: Danish Mid-Century Modern Walnut Coffee & End Table (Cambridge)Agreed. The majority of pickers and dealers who hover over CL likevultures have not an ounce of integrity."Finnaly, the seller came out of the closet and told us straight, thathis thang is legit and we all can ugh...beat it!

"RE RE RE: Danish Mid-Century Modern Walnut Coffee & End Table (Cambridge)Seller of the items in question here. You should presume to know thatI am A. a guy and B. that the table being sold was acquired for free.As it says in the other ad I came across two tables, one which wasfree and I kept for myself and the other which I PAID FOR along withthe end table. Regardless of how much I paid or didn't pay I hope thisis a lesson for you to mind your own business and not act as some sortof self-appointed and misguided craigslist crusader. Endtransmission."

Will justice be served?!!!! Will this beautiful coffee table/sidetables find a loving home?! So many CL battles (hello peter of beyond goreosity...) I think I will start posting them here under "Save the drama for yourmomma" or maybe just "oh snap!"

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adwoa said...

hee! i support "oh snap!" - especially if somebody got told:



but to be fair, the seller of my mirror that i love definitely let it slip that it was a dumpster dive - which she used and subsequently made a $105 profit off of (the only item i've topped $100 for, because of delivery!)

was it still worth it to me? obviously yes. but do i feel like a sucker about it? also yes. i think the outrage is because people deserve to feel good about the furniture they're buying, not like they've just been had, and for that to happen, sellers need to maintain some integrity with their pricing relative to the money and effort that went into procuring the item.