Friday, March 6, 2009

doing it

This beautiful bed was featured on Design Sponge, which has been all about DIY projects. This particular piece is a favorite of mine because I like the grey wall, lamp, and the red lettering on the pillows...and I have seen this headboard on CL before. Check out the one bellow and start sanding/painting, viola!
Disclaimer: I am so not into DIY. I don't like to do it myself. I like to pay people to do it. I like to treat people to drinks and dinner to do it. I like to give hugs to do it. I definitely don't want to do it myself. But, sometimes...when I do it myself, its pretty darn amazing. Check out this bed made beautiful thanks to some white paint. and now check out the check on CL...Do it!


adwoa said...

are you going to do it, or is this a rallying cry to the rest of us? :)

Keyse said...

i'm not gonna do it, y'all do it :)