Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh Fuzzy

The UnDog and the NonCat

I'm not an animal person...but, I really want a chinchilla or maybe a bunny! This article is from the NYT and it really illustrates how city dwellers compromise on pets and find happniness...awww! Yeah, it also talks about how important it is to research your pet before you buy! Click here for the full article.


An Almanac of my emotions said...

Um no shameless plug for my services!?! But yes it is a lovely piece - thanks for sharing. Life with pets is unquestionably rewarding regardless of species. One of the services I offer is to help people determine what would be an appropriate pet for them - and its certainly not always a dog or a cat.

An Almanac of my emotions said...

Oh yeah and shameless plug

Keyse said...

awww...you beat me to it. I want to do a post just for your services! Talk soon lady :)