Friday, January 30, 2009

Must Watch...

The Passion of Ayn Rand, watch it! The set design and clothing is superb. I lost valuable sleep time to finish watching this movie...amazing. My favorite room was Barbara's friend, the musician fellow. Barbra's earrings are so cute and her coral lipstick is perfect. Ayn had red nails throughout the entire movie...reminder that I am due a for a manicure pronto!

I spotted, Wassily chair, Womb chair, Noguchi Table...and other lovelies!

From the Wiki page on the movie:
The Passion of Ayn Rand is a 1999 film directed by Christopher Menaul. It is based on a book by Barbara Branden (one of Rand's former associates and Nathaniel Branden's first wife).
The film stars Helen Mirren as the philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand, who engages into an affair with a psychologist 25 years her junior by the name of Nathaniel Branden, played by Eric Stoltz. Branden built up an institute to spread Rand's ideas, but the two eventually had a falling out due to her ego. The film also stars Julie Delpy as Branden's wife, Barbara, and Peter Fonda as Rand's husband Frank O'Connor.
This film won several awards for Helen Mirren, including the Emmy and the Golden Globe.

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