Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lusting Angela Adams

Easton's Pond Tapestry

The Crystals rug


Last year I purchased the Islands/Chocolate rug (5'x8') from The Urban Living Studio and it now resides beautifully in my living room. I made the mistake of carrying it home...rolled up...its a heavy rug. I am not very strong. I thought my arms were going to fall off before I even got to the 39 bus in BackBay. Yeah, I took a bus...hehehe...Oi!
*fyi, the urban living studio doesn't carry angela adams rugs anymore, but they have a little one left on sale, its cream colored (off white?) and smaller but just as nice.

The Crystals rug (8'x10') and the Easton's Pond Tapestry (8'10"x6'8") are from the Angela Adams collection line. "They are both hand tufted made of 100% New Zealand wool. Our collection line consists of custom and couture (one of a kind) pieces." Sweet huh?

The Rosa/Midnight is wool. I wish I could outfit every room in my apartment with these rugs, they are so soft and help keep my toes warm in the winter.


Tarso Luis Ramos said...

Enough about the rugs - what's that cool yellow sofa? Would look great against the red walls of my living room!

Keyse said...

Hi Tarso,
The yellow sofa is by her husband, Sherwood Hamill. You can purchase it through Angela Adams web page. Red walls are my favorite!!!

Tarso Luis Ramos said...

I've looked at the site and, alas, I can tell without asking that it's all beyond my price range!