Monday, January 26, 2009


Although I was mighty sickly I stopped by DAME, a new vintage boutique in Jamaica Plain, for their opening last Saturday - I discovered some beautiful beaded vintage dresses, knits I have only previously seen in my dreams, purses with chic details, and some snazzy shoes! There is also a handsome selection for dapper gentlemen. ..cant be frumpy around these dames!

Check out their beautiful mural on the back wall (it was painted by the lady (dame!) in the black dress and red printed silk wrap, 2nd pic). The chandelier is swoon worthy and I love the pleated ceiling...swoon. Someday, I hope to have such a ceiling.

Dany Pearson, captured in the top photo with the red heels in the case behind the talented lady behind Dame. Err...Dame behind Dame :)

68 South Street, Jamaica Plain (JP!), MA 02130

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Anonymous said...

you are the grand dame of craig's list. where were you when I was putting together the store together!! Seeing all the wonderful things on here that I can't have anymore is really painful. Thanks for stopping by on Sat... Hope to see you when you are feeling better...