Monday, December 8, 2008

I want!

While visiting a very cool apartment in Brooklyn this weekend I had the opportunity to get plummeted by Fabio with these amazing gloves. I really want a pair!!! btw, my bday is this Thursday ;)
*click on the pic*


Sarah said...

Liam has a pair of these, maybe you can borrow his. I think they are called "hulk hands," or maybe that's just what he calls them. His even make grunting and angry hulk noises!

Keyse said...

I think Tomomi is on a mission to get these for me. They are so fun! ops, looks like I didnt put the correct link on the pic ;(

An Almanac of my emotions said...

They were selling them at Target during the Halloween season. Lots of fun! I believe I pelted someone with them at the time.