Friday, November 7, 2008

Warm them feet

Acorn 'Tex' Slipper
My beef with slippers is that they make my cold feet sweaty. I abhor cold sweaty feet or hot sweaty feet! So, I usually wear socks or flip flops around the house...and secretly wish for a magical warm slipper. I think I found it! Click on the link for details. If anyone has a pair of these, let me know! I'm curious and a size 9. Thanks ;)


adwoa said...

i don't have those, but i hate sweaty feet too. my slippers, therefore, are obnoxious giant monkey heads from target that are only closed in the front and open around the heel. my foot ventilates properly and stays toasty warm!

Keyse said...

I need closed in the back and open toes...mmm...sweet feet will be the death of me. i miss summer, saldals all the time

Jessica Sutton said...

i want these.. lets both buy and judge ;)