Thursday, November 6, 2008

Warm me up

I love this sweater, but its the kind of love that acompanies shame ("shame is the shadow of love" - Shame, PJ Harvey)...You know, like when you love someone who is a shit but somehow you can overlook their shit and admire their nicely shaped bottom :) Yeah. I asked the lovely Jsutt if the sweater was so ugly that it could be beautiful....she wasnt sure. Darn. Anyways, this sweater will arive at my home soon...hopefully it will fit my body nicely and shame will be replaced with warm comfort! I got it from - If you need an invite into Gilt just email me and i'll send away.


fabio said...

I see a Gilt credit in your future. Maybe you can use it to buy me a Christmas present :)

Keyse said...

aw crap! hehehe