Tuesday, November 25, 2008

LaFayettes Apartment

Nelsan Ellis played Lafayette, one of the most entertaining and unique human on HBO's True Blood. I hope we get to see Lafayette in season two.....if not, I hope his cousin Tara gets his dope stylish apartment! Lafayette had the only interesting (design wise) home in the show. I searched high and low for these pics, thanks True Blood Italy!

I love love love Lafayette's wall paper! I wish I could find better pictures of it. The set designers did an amazing job on his apartment.

Not really feeling his window treatment, but that hoodie is fierce!

I love all of the color and personalization that went into his room.

The animal print ties this place up for me - its just like his character to have animal print furniture....Just like Jason has black silky bedding!

I love Lafayette's shrine, especially the little lights around it.

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Ms. Princess said...

omg..im deff so upset i do think that was lafayette's limp, dead body with his pink toenails hangin out of the backseat of andy's car..i don't think he's gunna be coming back for season two..im gunna cry lol :(