Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shoe time

My feet are precious. I don't drive, so I walk a lot. A couple of years I started to get sore arches, bunions, and a painful pinched, I pay extra attention to the comfort and width of my shoes. It's not easy because I have amazing taste and I just can't go around wearing ugly shoes all the time. I actually broke down this summer and got a flashy silver pair of berks...and let me tell you, although my bunions were happy my arches hated me! So much for hippie comfort. I selected the above shoes for keeps this fall, they are comfy and not overly offensive to the fashion pallet!
Top shoe, Frye Fiona Moccasin Oxfords
You can see more pictures and read reviews on the shoe on Zappos but they cost much less through Urban.
Bottom, Clarks Originals 'Cute Magic' Skimmer
I orderd a hald size smaller as suggested and found them to small...maybe over time they would strech but I cant chance it with my precious purty feet ;)

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