Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Flauxy Transportation

When I first started making jewelry I would put the finished jewelry inside a Nike orange sneaker box. For real. A few years later I got an awesome green bag by United Colors of Benetton at TJ Max. Its a nice sturdy over the shoulder carry on (makeup bag?) but lately its been the cause of my sore and strained shoulders and back. I carry around much more jewelry than before...and when I am running around in Cambridge, North End, South End, Southie, and JP I really don't need the back ache. I decided that I needed something with a slim profile and wheels. After about a month of searching I found an awesome bag at TJ Max! I wasn't even thinking of the bag when I went to TJ that day, I was meeting up with an old coworker. I didnt see anymore of these bags at TJ Max but Marshalls has a bunch for the same price and in different colors - But, they also come in a faux crocodile patent leather that looks cheap and kinda trashy. My bag is almost exactly like the picture, but its gorgeous deep plum and it only cost $80. It is not by Gogo Voyage, the tag says MMS Executive and it was orginally $160. Happy times!

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fabio said...

Looks like you should be carrying miscellaneous sex toys and whips in there instead. Vicious!