Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lafayette, aka Nelsan Ellis

"When Alan Ball's pulpy, sexy vampire mystery series True Blood premiered on HBO, viewers found themselves in the company of a gay character the likes of which they hadn't seen before: Lafayette Reynolds, a gender-bender Jack-of-all-trades just as likely to win a barfight as he is to borrow your lip gloss." -Interview with Nelsan Ellis from "True Blood"
Brian Juergens
, Associate EditorOctober 26, 2008
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Borrow my lip gloss? Oh, any day! Look at those welcoming lips...sigh...
I much prefer Alan Ball's version of Lafayette than Charlaine Harris book version. Mostly because we get to see him on screen often and he has more than a few lines...lets just hope he survives season 1! Oh, did I mention he is cute? There is nothing more attractive than a man who can wear gold pants and still kick some racist punk ass when needed. True Blood is just full of yummy men!


The Princess said...

Hi Keyse!!! I luv him..he is deff one of my fav characters in True Blood..and did I mention your bro and I are very obsessed with the show lol.

Keyse said...

You guys are!!!! I read all of the books in a week (one a day) and now I am rereading them...and I keep going on the web sites wiki...I feel like this show is bringing out my inner nerd big time! We NEED to watch the season finale together! Lets get together soon!!!!!!

Ms. Princess said...

I been interested in reading the books..Im SO addicted I wait the whole week just for sunday will have to get together for the finale.