Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lounge Sunday

Mid-Century Modern Heywood-Wakefield Lounger - $400 (Gardner)
I have this chair, I got it at a Goodwill auction a couple of years ago in Boston. Unfortunately Goodwill doesn't have the auctions anymore...sigh, they were fun! I dont have the Ottomon, I found a nice black leather square ottomon to substitute. The chair above is great...esp if you like chillin like a villain....hehehe, I be cheese.

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adwoa said...

you are amazing. i just went to pick up that ten dollar desk, and not only is it way nicer than the pictures made clear (it was living in a garage): it is a signed kent coffey original. holy crap!

on the downside, that is yet another piece of furniture whose wood i love too much to paint. are all my paint chips in vain? sigh.