Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just one more before I pass out...

Nice Eraly circa 1940's Vitrine - $175 (arlington)

I cant imagine how much Riva (my brother who is two years younger than me) and I would have loved this bed! We had a strong sturdy wooden bunk bed growing up. Riva slept on the top and I was on the bottom because I was afraid of falling....see, we didn't have a rail on the bed like this cute one does. Oh, look at the cute stairs! This is lovely.
Bunk Bed, European style. - $800 (Lexington Ma)
My friend over at Daucus Carota gave me an awesome vintage cart. But...this one is shiny :)

Isnt this lovely as well? I emailed about it. My television could go on top! Oh, and cleaning the floor would be so much easy!
Fifties or sixties cabinet - $50 (Sudbury)

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Jessica Sutton said...

wow that tv cabinet is gorgeous!