Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I <3 Chocolate Ensure

Last Friday I went to see my allergist and got a ton of new expensive, even with insurance. But, I hope this means I wont get bad allergy attacks next year. While at the allergist I had my blood drawn to test for ragweed. For some reason the ragweed results from last year are unclear. I told the blood lady that I tend to faint, get light headed, and feel horrible before and after giving blood. I hate it. This was a totally different experience! I only felt a bit nervous and it was all done before I knew it. Happy times :)


On Monday I went to my dentist to have a tooth removed. A tiny baby tooth with no visible roots. It has a filling and started bothering me recently. I decided to have it removed and get an implant. The tooth proved to be a little bastard. The dentist gave me enough Novocaine to numb half of my face AND it still hurt like a bastard when she attempted to remove it. She kept telling me I wasn't feeling pain but pressure. I was feeling pain. it became apparent to her that I was in pain once I started crying and shaking. I had to schedule an appointment with another type of dentist...the kind that can cut you up. I saw the new dentist today....Turns out my little baby tooth was a monsta! Its out now and I have some stitches. I also have a pack of chocolate ensure, yummmyyyyyy! What isnt yummy is the bill I had to pay. Bastard insurance.


adwoa said...

that is maybe the best face ever

Erin said...

Did you get to keep the tooth? You could make a necklace with it! I'm sure some weird Satanist type would dig it! Heheh! (Sorry...I'm still thinking about last night's episode of the Secret Lives of Women!)

Keyse said...

I was going to ask for it...but forgot...and then remembered as I paid a ton of money...and then just wanted to run out of, no :( I think it was prob uber nasty, prob best I didnt get it.