Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cant blow no more!

I have been sick with allergies since Saturday. Horrible. Non stop runny nose, stuffy nose, mouth breathing necessary, wheezing, no sleep, hot mess but not a tranny, spacey horrible long holiday...I was just like Helen Mirren, walking around with a tissue in my hand and ready to sneeze at any second. But, I was tanner...
(I give thanks to Just Jared for the pic)

Alrighty...its back to the business of CL searches! I'm going to post some apartments later on...in JP, be my neighbor ;)

Very Cool Retro Eames Style Chairs aka Egg Chairs - $25 (Georgetown)

Mid-century modern hairpin leg table - $75 (Jamaica Plain)

Living Room - Italian Provincial furniture (Methuen)

Check out the cute little yellow chair!
Used, 3 - Piece Marshmellow Sectional, Beige and Brown/Tan - $150 (Waltham,MA near Weston, MA)

Good looking simple bedside tables
Great College Apartment furnishings - Cheap........ - $120

I LOVE how the seller says "This is no Ikea" hehehe…I had a twin bed forever, I still miss it. This bed rocks!
Red Steel Metal Twin Bed Frame and Mattress - $95 (Arlington)

Simple, modern, black desk - $50 (Allston)

I saw something just like this at Goodwill once…
Retro room divider shelves with writing table - $183 (Watertown)

Lap Top Vintage Slate Black Board and Rolling Chart - $75 (arlington)

Grand Mahogany Scroll Foot Coffee Table - Center Drawer - $65 (Wakefield)

Coffee table, end tables and chandelier (Newton)

This has been on CL forever…I love the cigarette holder one...you can rest other things on it because smoking is bad and expensive...hehehe
Magazine Racks (Brookline)


Erin said...

I love Helen Mirren. Did you hear that Helen used to love coke? Yup. Bad Helen!

I also love the green Italian sofa and chair in Methuen.

Keyse said...

I love that she said that because everyone I know who used/use coke LOVE it. Notice the capital letters...hehehe....but yeah, its bad...

Erin said...

I do know one person who, for the most part, did not care for cocaine. And no, it's not me. I never saw the allure in snorting anything up my nose. Gross!)

Liz said...

I totally crack up every time I see the magazine rack/ashtray, such a paradox!