Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Say Hello to my Little Family

After complaining to my neighbors at the block party on my street about my inability to grow anything...I went home and checked on my little Giraffe and saw that the GRASS IS GROWING!! You see, I planted the grass on Saturday and expected it to grow overnight...hehehe...My little Giraffe was recently purchased at Brimfield, MA and it has a space at the bottom for flowers...or dirt and grass. Oh, I would like to thank my friend Zenas for giving me the grass seeds! But, as you can see in the pictures I have other little animals. The Alligator travels with me to Flauxy shows and the Piggy rests on top of my tv all the time.


fabio said...

Reminds me of my pubes circa age 12

Erin said...

Yay for grass! It does grow rather quickly. I planted some for Eugene recently & it did very well until he knocked it off of the window sill and all on the floor :-(

"Is the alligator for sale?"