Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Rain Comes Down...

Its a slow Thursday...Its still gloomy outside and I desperately want to get back into bed. Or on the sofa. With some tea...warmttthhh. I have two more episodes of Freaks and Geeks to watch. I'll be very sad after the last episode. After work on Wednesday I went to Macys and found a fancy black pant for only $6.36. I was shocked. I'm wearing them now. They are ssooo smooth. But, during my shopping search I started feeling sneezing and my left eye became teary and itchy. After I paid for my pant I rushed home to change my shoes. I had been wearing some old and fugly but normally comfortable shoes BUT for some ungodly reason the bastard shoe gave me two huge blisters. I changed out of them and went to Mortons for Christines event (free drinks and food!). Met up with friends, made new friends, and had a good time. I just wish I hadn't been so woosy from my allergy medication. here are some CL finds. That vanity is delicious...

OH, P.S, whats up with lame ass realestate listings on CL lately? No pics, unspecific descriptions, and once pics! I'm not looking for an apartment but I tend to check out CL often for everything...but these half assed apartment postings are killing me!

Nice wooden chair, good price


Cool coffee table/side table? or is it one of those thingies that half goes under your bed? What kind if material is this made of anyways?!!!

I dont really like things with birds, but this is kinda nice and cozy

Perfect for this weather

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