Monday, August 4, 2008

Photo Later

What a lovely day! I woke up feeling sore from my damned sciatia nerves. Last week only my left leg its booth. Sitting doesnt help...and thats what i'm mostly doing at work today. But enough about my geriatric problems!

Saturday morning I went searching for treasures in some dead ladies house in Newton. I'll post my finds later! Oh, I also got the best Rosemary bread from some bakery in yummy with honey or fig jam...

Friday night I went to the Phoenix Landing for the first time. What a cultural experience. The floor felt like Slimmer had been dancing on it and peoples sobriety were on vacation. It was interesting night. I had to stubborn/fight dance a couple of times to keep my spot on the dance floor. It ended up being fun because of the wonderful company I had but I am NEVER going back there AGAIN. So...Last night I went to the Phoenix Landing for Pardon my French. Marcelo was DJing and I thought I would support the birth of a possible new DJ. It was totally different from Friday night. Male and gay. I had the whole dance floor to myself but ugh...I think I actually got grouped more Sunday night than Friday night...those gays, they love to grab a curvy lady!

Here is some CL action:
little expensive table, but its nice
Bureaus & Mirror
I like the white fabric chair in the pic provided
I don't smoke, but I like the magazine rack with the ash tray
Modern Magazine rack


lucinda said...
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Erin said...

Is there ever intelligently written spam?

Yes, The Phoenix Landing was quite horrifying at times. My shoes were NOT happy!