Monday, August 18, 2008

Goodies Start off the Week!

Oh, Happy Monday! I'm back in Boston with lots of fun new posts coming up tonight :)

There are a lot of goodies on CL this morning, enjoy it all bellow. If you happen to pick up anything of the items I listed bellow...please let me know! If you take a picture of it in your new place and send it to me...i'll give you a cupcake :)

Monday CL finds
Credenza, $40

Love this chair, $125

Awesome dresser, $100

Rockout chair, $15

Have I told you how much I love metal desks?!, $125

Couch $150

It is elegant, no? chair $25

nightstand, $20

Lots of stuff, credenza $850
Cabinet, $75

She is flexible about the price! Love seat, $400

Rolltop desk, $300

1 comment:

Erin said...

Damn. I need a new desk! My 8 year old $20 Target desk has seen better days. It was never really the same after the move half way 'cross the country :-(

I'm afraid it's going to just fall apart, tossing my computer to the ground. The horror!!!!!