Monday, August 25, 2008

Finds during the Democratic National Convention!

Gah...this election is torture! I had the hardest time not crying during the speeches because I am terrified of a president other than Obama. Seriously, terrified! I almost spit out my dinner at one point because I started choking on a sob. I cant be spitting out my food people, I need to save my money for furniture! Oh, and my allergies are on high alert! I need a massage. One more thing...I love how Obama offered to buy his lady an ice cream cone and that won her over...I love ice cream, hell pass the scoop and I am forever yours. Okay, sleepy time!
Oak dresser and mirror - $50 (Duxbury)

Side-table with drawer - $50 (Belmont)

Antique, Hamilton quarter sawn oak, printer's type cabinet / flat file - $1295 (Newton)


Kinda love this...
END TABLE WITH LAMP - $25 (Peabody)

Danish design cabinet - $50 (Lexington)

Sexy? like me?!! wooo...seriously, this looks like it has potential.
Modern Sexy Black Sofa-from Nordstroms Home Collection-Must Go Sat/Sun - $175 (South End/ Back Bay)

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adwoa said...

don't be skurred - have you seen this?

just pray that it is true; i need a good scandal and this is exactly like desperate housewives starting the new season a month early.