Thursday, July 31, 2008

Got a car?

I love looking for AWESOME things on CL. You should see my apartment...I am proud of my friends. Its hit or miss when you show up to pick up your goods but its mostly hits. Just ask my amiga DC. She just scored 9 Gameboy games from the 80s/90s still in their original package for $5!!!!
I'm more into are some awesome deals I found today:

Credenza $50

Credenza $150

Desk $150

Coffee table $25

Kartell Lamp $150

WTF Item: I like the coffee table...but, check out the spelling and price


Cranky Weight Watcher said...

Yes, I know those gameboy games are drool-worthy. And they're all mine!

Finding something awesome and cheap on craigslist is one of my favorite natural highs. Hehe.

I'll check back for some more furniture suggestions..

Jessica Sutton said...

damn i need a dining room STAT for that teak credenza!!!